🍺 Why do people put salt in beer?

Enhancing the flavor of beer and the ability to drink more beer are the two prominent reasons why people put salt in their beer. There are several other reasons also to add salt in beer such as no frequent peeing, a family tradition, peer pressure, someone cool is doing it, and many more. Note that the excessive consumption of beer can led to the condition of beer potomania.

Have you ever seen your friends adding salt to beer? Well many people add salt to beer for different reasons such as salt enhances the flavor of the beer, helps them to drink more beer, kind of family tradition, and many more. Let’s look at these reasons in detail.

Adding salt enhances the taste of beer

Some people believe that the addition of salt in beer can amplify the flavor of the beer. They also consider it a beer cocktail. Putting salt in beer helps beer molecules to easily get volatile in the air and spreads the aroma of the beer.

Adding salt can help to drink more beer

As we know that salt absorbs water and makes us feel thirsty. When we add a large teaspoon of salt to beer, the salt concentration in beer increases which means more water will get absorbed. Hence salt makes us thirsty again. Some people use this technique to drink more and more beer.

Adding salt to prevent frequent visits to the washroom

Many people don’t like to pee frequently, but if you drink more beer, eventually your bladder will get full and you have to pee. As everyone knows salt retains water, some people use salt in beer to avoid frequent trips to the washroom.

Salting beer is a tradition

For some people, adding salt to beer is a family tradition. It is believed that the tradition of adding salt started at the end of the prohibition-era, circa 1933.

Removal of carbonation from the beer

Salt is known to remove carbonation. Therefore, when we add salt to a beer, it removes carbonation. Less carbonation means you won’t feel filled up and you can drink more beer.

Word of caution: There might be other several reasons for people to add salt to beer but note that the excessive consumption of beer is harmful to your body. In the USA, according to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 3 in 10 adults drink at levels that put them at risk for alcoholism, liver disease, and other problems. The excessive consumption of beer may lower the level of sodium in your bloodstream and can cause beer potomania.

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