Who Discovered The Source Of The Nile?

The Source of the world’s longest river Nile was discovered by John Hanning Speke along with James Grant in 1860.

John Hanning Speke joined the expedition to Africa in 1854 led by Richard Burton to make a real attempt to discover the origin of the river Nile.

During this journey, the two explorers faced a lot of challenges such as falling extremely ill and getting attacked by tribesmen. They had violent arguments during the whole time. At the end of the trip, Speke reached Lake Victoria and thought this might be the source of Nile but Burton strongly disagreed.

Therefore, John Hanning Speke made another attempt to discover the source by setting out on another expedition along with James Grant. This expedition finally led Speke to the source of Nile that is Ripon Falls in 1860.

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