What is Scolionophobia?

Scolionophobia is the phobia of school. The fear of school might rise due to the fear of leaving home (called agoraphobia) and parents. It is also known as called school phobia, school refusal, or didaskaleinophobia. According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, 2-5% of schoolchildren suffer from Scolionophobia.

It is a specific phobia, which is an excessive and irrational fear of a particular thing or situation. People with this phobia may experience extreme anxiety and fear when thinking about going to school or when they are in a school setting. This fear can have a significant impact on their daily lives, including their ability to attend school and learn effectively. It is important for individuals with scolionophobia to seek help from a mental health professional to address their fear and learn coping strategies to manage their anxiety.

Reasons for Scolionophobia

 There might be several internal and external reasons that can cause scolionophobia such as

  • A load of school assignments,
  • Bullying by batch mates or senior students,
  • Afraid of a strict teacher,
  • Past bad traumatic experiences,
  • Genetic reasons,
  • Agoraphobia (fear of places or situations that leads to fear of leaving home)
  • Anthropophobia (fear of people)
  • And Poor grades.

Symptoms of Scolionophobia

  • Child making excuses such as being sick and tired to bunk school can be the symptom of scolionophobia.
  • Someone can show signs of intense anxiety by sweating, high heart rate, pain in the chest, fear, or even anger in some cases when it’s time for school or they are near or inside the school.
  • You can also check if he/she not getting enough sleep or frequently having bad dreams about the schools.

Treatment of Scolionophobia

There is no specific treatment for scolionophobia but common treatments such as educational support therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, intensive psychotherapy, and medication can help to treat. Always consult professionals and doctors for advice on how to teach your child to remove their school fear.

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