🥩 What Is Mutton And How It Is Different From Lamb?

What is Mutton?

Mutton is the meat of an adult domestic sheep which is older than 1 year. Mutton is generally tough and has an intense red color with a strong flavor. Because of this gamy flavor, it is not that popular in the United States. It is also called red meat due to the intense red color of the raw meat.

How Mutton is different from Lamb?

Now we know that mutton is the meat obtained from domestic sheep, older than 1 year while the lamb is the meat of sheep younger than a year.

The color of mutton is intense red while the lamb meat has a pink to pale red color. The mutton meat is typically tougher than lamb meat.

Because of this mutton has to be cooked slowly to retain its moisture and tenderness.

Mutton is more popular in the Middle East and Europe while the lamb is more preferred in the United States.

The tender meat of the lamb has mild flavor whereas mutton has a strong gamy flavor that is not loved by everyone.

The cooking style of mutton is also different from lamb meat. For example, stewed cooking is typically used for mutton while a lamb can be easily grilled, braised, or roasted.

Mutton is red meat which contains less cholesterol as compared to the lamb meat. However, consumption of both meat should be done in moderation to avoid health issues.

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