🕷🍴 What Eats Spiders?

Predators such as insectivorous birds, amphibians, reptiles, spider wasps, monkeys, other arachnids feed on spiders. Even some species of spiders such as wolf spiders and jumping spiders eat other spiders. Some species of male spiders are killed and eaten by their female spiders after mating. A deep-fried spider is one of the popular snacks in the town of Skuon, Cambodia.

Fried Tarantula in Cambodian Restaurant (image credit:Jaiprakashsingh)

What animals eat spiders?

We know that spiders are great predators but have you ever wondered who are predators of spiders?

Spider wasps attacking spider

Spiders have a lot of enemies because of their small size. The list of animals that eat spiders includes both tiny and large creatures. Here is the list of different creatures that eat spiders.

  • Birds eat spiders: Birds are one of the most dangerous enemies of the spiders due to their excellent vision. There are several insectivorous birds such as Bluebirds, Sparrows, Dippers, Flycatchers, Kingbirds, Nighthawks, Wrens, Phoebes, Potoos, blackbirds, and Swallows that mainly feed on insects, and spiders throughout their lives. Birds such as Great tit mainly feed spiders to their chicks during nesting season. It is found that insectivorous birds generally prefer spiders over insects. Spiders contain an amino acid called taurine that improves intelligence, eye vision, and other developments.
  • Spiders eat other spiders: There are several spiders such as wolf spiders and jumping spiders that feed on other spiders. For example, daddy long leg spider feeds on both the hobo spider and black widow spider. It is found that after mating female spiders of redback and orb-web species may kill and eat the male spiders to gain necessary nutrients.
  • Spider wasps eat spiders: Spider wasps are one of the worst enemies of spiders. The female spider hunting wasps will sting the spider to paralyze and puts them into their nest. When the eggs of spider wasps hatch, the young wasps feed on these paralyzed spiders. For example, the tarantula hawk is a spider wasp that preys on tarantulas.
  • Monkeys eat spiders: Yes, some species of monkeys do eat spiders. We know that monkeys primarily feeds on fruits, however, they occasionally consume insects and spiders, and other kinds of arachnids.
  • Reptiles (Lizards) eat spiders: There are many insectivorous reptiles that feed on spiders. For example, some common lizards such as Geckos and chameleons feed on spiders and other arachnids. Lizards can help to control the population of spiders and maintaining balance in the ecosystem. Common house gecko can greatly reduce the spider population inside our house.
  • Amphibians (frogs and toads) eat spiders: Many species of amphibians are insectivorous. Amphibians such as frogs, toads, and salamanders have spiders as part of their diet. In places such as gardens and forest places, amphibians help to control the spider’s population.
  • Humans eat spiders: Yes, you heard that right! There are some places in the world such as Skuon in Cambodia where people eat deep-fried spiders as snacks.
  • Other arachnids eat spiders: Predatory arachnids such as scorpions also feed on spiders. Spiders also belong to arachnids but they are afraid of scorpions.
Red black Spider vs Lizard (Image credit: Calistemon)

What eats wolf spiders?

The predators of wolf spiders include spider wasps, amphibians (frogs, toads, and salamander), small reptiles (common house gecko and chameleons), insectivorous birds (great tit, and blue tit), shrews, and coyotes.

What eats daddy long legs?

Insectivorous birds and large predatory insects and arachnids can eat daddy long legs spiders.

What eats black widow spiders?

Large predatory insects such as praying mantis feed on black widow spiders. Other predators include insectivorous birds and small reptiles such as gecko. Black widow spiders also have threats from other spiders such as daddy long leg spiders.

What eats garden spiders?

The animals that eat garden spiders are spider hunting birds, small reptiles like lizards, shrews, amphibians like toads, and spider wasps.

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