Ways to use Black and White Infant Cards [Updated 2022]

Ways to use Black and White Infant Cards

The arrival of a newborn baby brings with it heaps of happiness and joy, coupled with the surrounding oh-so-cutes, onesies that can be a part of baby’s fashion week, and adorable sighs! But this beautiful occasion isn’t just about all this. Newborn babies are a plethora of opportunities – to learn, to observe, and to just bask in the glory of following a human’s growth! Don’t you think so too?

The human brain is the most important organ that develops up to 90% of its adult size by the age of 5. And what you will feed the brain during these initial years will define how the brain will turn out. Research has also found that when newborns are inside the womb of their mother, they have an underdeveloped vision. For the appropriate and timely development of a newborn’s brain, constant stimulation is required.

According to scientific research, it is found that for the initial few months newborn babies can see only limited colors such as black, white, and gray. And maximizing this opportunity can help in the development of the eye in a newborn baby. These black and white infant stimulation cards or visual stimulation flashcards can effectively help in the stimulation of a newborn baby’s vision and overall eyesight growth.

We share with you our favorite ways to use high-contrast or black and white infant cards.

Create a gallery for your newborn baby

You may have observed that newborn babies tend to constantly move their eyes and make your baby’s environment beautiful, it is not required to limit to colors such as pinks, and blues. The baby’s nursery can include high-contrast or black and white flashcards for the visual stimulation of your baby.

You can create a layout with these black and white flashcards on the wall or ceiling wherever your baby spends most of the time. You can also choose to pin black and white flashcards to a string in your baby’s line of sight to give the nursery a quirky feel.

D.I.Y. Nursery Mobile

You would have received a number of nursery mobiles as gifts for your newborn baby. And some of them may be the cutest things you’ve seen. However, your baby wants something exciting, engaging, and once he/she can actually see. That’s when your craft skills will come in handy. You can create your baby’s very own nursery mobile with black and white flashcards, to hang on the crib. The best part about making this yourself is that you can change the cards whenever you like so your baby won’t get bored!

Display black and white cards when baby is awake

In the initial three months, babies generally spend their time on the bed. As a parent, we can maximize this opportunity by hanging and showcasing these black and white cards when the baby is awake. Display black and white picture cards on an easel when the baby lays on his/her side.  Make sure to switch sides of the easel so the baby gets a chance to turn in both directions.

These cards can be spread and aligned in such a way that they are always in line with the baby’s vision while eating and other activities.

Visual play

The most beautiful feeling in the world is to hold your newborn baby. It is found that newborn babies can see up to a distance of 8 to 12 inches only. You can keep these black and white cards or visual stimulation cards in their eyesight range. Make the most of this by using black and white cards and give them plenty of opportunities to use their eyes.

Use black and white picture cards as flashcards

The human brain is a magical organ. The more you focus on its development, the more it absorbs and develops. And we also know that most brain development occurs in childhood only. Therefore, it is important to expose your babies to activities such as playing with white and black visual flashcards that can help in their brain and eyesight development.

These visual black and white cards can also stimulate the auditory senses of your baby. Announce the objects present on the visual stimulation flashcards so that your newborn can retain visual memory that can aid in brain development.

These black and white picture cards have the magical ability to keep your newborn baby engaged for long periods of time, soothe them when they’re crying, and keep them calm and focused during the day. Here are a few more ways these multi-purpose black and white picture cards or flashcards can be the highlight of your newborn baby’s development:

  1. While reading individually or to your newborn baby, stick a black and white picture card to the back of the book so the baby can continue seeing that while you read.
  2. Stick a couple of black and white picture cards in the car, on the seat your baby is facing towards. This way babies who don’t like car rides can remain calm and you as a driver can concentrate on the road.
  3. Attach one black and white picture card to the front of your shirt when baby is facing you.
  4. Tape black and white picture cards to your newborn baby’s activity gym.

In the initial stages of your child, every physical and sensory movement is an achievement in itself. Therefore, it is our fundamental responsibility to provide exposure to all fun activities that can help our baby to improve visual, auditory, and other senses. Every action we take leads to a development milestone in your baby. Here’s to making every moment count!

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