Does Ice Conduct Electricity?

No, ice cube does not conduct electricity. Conduction of electricity in a substance requires the flow of charged ions. In tap water, charged ions are present due to dissolved salt and minerals. Hence, regular tap water conducts electricity but when these water molecules are frozen to form ice, the charged icons do not move freely. This restricted movement of charged particles does not allow the flow of current. Therefore, ice is a poor conductor of electricity. Also, pure water and the ice formed from pure water do not conduct electricity due to the absence of charged ions. Can Ice

What Is Spectroscopy?

The study and analysis of light according to its component wavelengths is called Spectroscopy. Spectroscopy requires mainly three things: (1) a source of light, (2) a disperser to separate the light into its different wavelength components, and (3) a detector to sense the presence of light after dispersion. The device used for detecting and analyzing wavelength components is called a spectrometer. Early astronomers used spectroscopes to study the composition of planets and stars. It also led to the discovery that the universe is expanding rapidly and isotropically.

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

The most popular and common balloon, 11″ latex balloon filled with helium gas generally lasts for 12-24 hours. If this 11″ latex balloon is coated with a non-toxic sealant called Hi-Float, their floating time increases to 2-3 days. On the other hand, foil balloons with helium gas last for 5-7 days. Therefore, if you are planning to blow balloons up the day before the event, make sure you are using foil balloons or latex balloons with Hi-Float coating.

How To Blow A Bubble Gum?

(1) Take a piece of bubblegum and chew until it is soft and smooth.(2) Roll the gum into a ball shape and flatten it into a circular shape using your tongue and the upper part of the mouth.(3) Now, place your tongue tip on the flattened gum.(4) Slowly open your teeth and lips slightly so that you can push your tongue out of your mouth and is covered by a thin, stretched layer of bubblegum(5) Blow air gently into the gum pocket. As the air pressure increases, remove the tongue.(6) Keep blowing as long as you can.

Does bleach react with aluminum foil?

“Yes, bleach reacts with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil gets corroded by bleach.” Have you ever accidentally washed aluminum utensils or equipment with bleach? If yes, you might have noticed that the surface of aluminum utensil turns black or get darken. This is due to the corrosion of aluminum because of bleach. Let’s first understand the properties of bleach and aluminum. What is bleach and its properties? Bleach is a bleaching agent extensively used in detergents for whitening. Bleach mainly consists of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). The bleach used for domestic purpose contains 5% sodium hypochlorite due to which it

Do marshmallows go bad?

Yes, marshmallows can go bad. Have you purchased a packet of marshmallow and kept it in some corner that you forgot to eat it. Now you are worried that is it safe to eat after the expiry date. In most of the cases, it will be safe to eat marshmallow but it also depends on how the marshmallow pack was stored. Before that let’s first understand how to identify if the marshmallow is spoiled and not healthy to eat. How to tell if Marshmallows are spoiled or bad? A marshmallow is a confectionery made up of sugar, water, and

Can wood melt?

“No, we can’t melt wood. Even in a vacuum, wood cannot melt.” We know that most of the solid substances have certain melting point but have you ever seen wood melting? No right! Let’s first understand what is melting of a substance. The process of changing a state that is changing from a solid state to a liquid state without altering its chemical makeup is known as melting. For example, solid ice changes its state from solid to liquid state i.e. water on heating. Therefore when we starting heating wood, it should melt at a certain temperature and convert

Can you charge your laptop with your phone charger?

Yes, a laptop can be charged with a phone charger but it depends on the type of USB. Have you wondered if we can charge laptop using mobile charger or power bank or mobile phone? Yes, it is possible to charge your laptop using mobile charger or mobile phone battery but it also depends on the type of USB present in the laptop. There are mainly three types of USB port: USB Type A USB Type B USB Type C USB Type-A is the most common USB port found on most of the laptops. These USB port of laptop

Why Bullets Spin When Shot From A Rifle Or Handgun?

The spiral grooves (called barrel rifling) inside the barrel of a rifle or handgun cause the bullet to spin. On pulling the trigger, the primer gets hammered and a spark is generated. This small explosion ignites the gun powder and a lot of gas and high pressure are produced. The bullet is forced out due to high pressure and passes through the barrel having helical grooves. These spiral grooves, also known as barrel rifling exert torque and forces bullet to spin.

Parts of an Arrow

What are the parts of an arrow? Have you seen lord of the ring or Hercules? Whenever two armies in these movies attack on each other, there will be a team of archers on both side who will initiate the attack first. Arrows are long shafted projectiles that are launched using elastic launching device called bow. In ancient times, bow and arrows were mainly used for hunting and combats. Different kinds of arrows were used for different purposes. Have you ever wondered, what are the different parts of arrow and their functions? Arrow is consists of mainly four parts.