11 fantastic facts about sports equipment

Safety equipment in sporting events is very important and they came into use more than thousands of years ago. Ancient Greece and Romans used to worn different kinds of shin guards made of bronze or other metals in many different sports for protection.

The golf ball has undergone many unique changes that altered its design and making. In the 19th century, it was made of leather and feathers, also popularly known as feathery or featherie ball.

Do you know about 20% of all shoe sales in the USA are Athletic shoes. Famous brands for sporty shoes are Nike, Adidas, and under armor.

It was during Wimbledon in 1986 where the first fluorescent yellow tennis ball was introduced in order to make the balls more easily visible on television.

Do you know that the average lifespan of a baseball is just 7 pitches?

It is really astonishing how Adidas company really try hard to make a masterpiece in the 2014 Soccer World Cup. In designing Soccer it took nearly two and a half-year to give soccer fans a masterpiece which suitable for any possible condition.

As per manufacturer Spalding, the average lifespan of NBA basketball is about 10,000 bounces.

Americans spend an amazing total of more than $630 million on golf balls in a year.

Do you know Catgut which is used in the making of tennis racket strings, is made of intestines of various animals.

It is interesting that the Chinese often called the American game of football as Olive Ball since it resembles an olive.

The modern soccer ball has use geometrical shapes very well having 32 panels of leather or synthetic plastic tightly stitched together. Twenty of these panels are hexagons and 12 of them are pentagons.

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