Frozen Water Balloon Experiment

In this experiment we will learn How to make Ice balloons? How the phase change occurs from ice to liquid water? How does the salt affect the melting of an ice ball? Materials Required (What Do I Need?) 1 small balloon (try to get a small size balloon so that the water inside it will freeze quickly) Access to freezer A plastic tub to catch melting water A transparent plastic tub filled with some water Scissors Salt Food coloring Procedure (What to do?) Stretch the balloon and attach it to the water tap mouth and slowly fill the balloon

Charles Law Balloon Experiment

In this experiment we will learn, How to inflate the balloon by simply changing the temperature of the gas? What is Charles’ law? Why does gas expand on heating? Materials Required (What Do I Need?) Two large balloons Coldwater Hot water Glass vessel Conical flask Laboratory Burner or hot plate Procedure (What to do?) Add a half cup of cold water in the conical flask Attach balloon over the mouth of the conical flask Place the conical flask on the hot plate or lab burner and start heating it Now observe the balloon. You will notice that the balloon

Yeast Balloon Experiment: How to blow up a balloon with yeast and sugar?

In this fun experiment containing yeast, balloon, and sugar, we will learn– How to activate the yeast?– What happens when fungus eats sugar? Materials Required (What Do I Need?) 1 packet of dry yeast 2 Teaspoon of sugar 1 small (1-liter) clean and clear plastic or glass bottle 1 large rubber balloon (Try to blow the balloon at least 3-4 times to stretch it) 1 cup of warm water Procedure (What to do?) Fill the bottle with warm water Add the packet of dry yeast in the bottle and gently stir the bottle for a few seconds Add sugar