Why Does Stretching Feel So Good

Muscle functions mainly in two modes the ‘fight or flight’ (sympathetic), and ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic) which are controlled by the nervous system. Whenever we stretch, parasympathetic mode gets triggered and we feel relaxed and calm. On stretching, endorphins are released by our pituitary gland and we experience the analgesic effect. During sleep, our muscles get contracted due to which muscle cells also shrink but while stretching the blood circulation improves and the muscles release unnecessary tension caused due to contraction, and thus, we feel so good.

What Is The Fastest Human Sense?

Hearing is the fastest human sense. We know that the speed of light is greater than the speed of sound but when it comes to senses, it involves detection, transmission, and processing of the signal. Our ear is capable of receipting and recognizing sounds in just 0.05 seconds which is faster than any other sense such as touch and sight takes about 0.2 seconds. The direct vibrations of the hairs on the receptor cells caused by sound waves instantaneously result in nerve firing and sending a signal to the brain.

How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Earth?

It will require around 8,300 hours or 346 days of the continuous walk to cover the circumference of the earth. Considering the average walking speed of a human about 3 mph (4.8 kph) and the circumference of the earth is 24901 miles (40,075 km). As per Guinness Book of Records, the first verified walk around the Earth was made by Dave Kunst which took four years, 20 million steps, and 21 pairs of leather shoes to complete his record-making 14,452 miles (23,258 km) walk in 1974.

Can you tan through a window?

“It is unlikely to get tan through a window but it depends on various factors such as type of glass window, the strength of the sunlight, and how long you are exposed to sun rays.” A lot of times we go to the beaches to take sunbath. Some people go to boast their immunity by getting vitamin D and some just go to get tanned. But have you wondered do you really need to go to the beach (outdoor) or you can get tanned by just sitting under sunlight coming through the window? If you are looking for vitamin

Can you dodge a bullet?

“No, Humans can’t dodge bullets because bullets travel too fast that it becomes impossible to see them coming.” Are you curious about dodging bullets because you saw Neo from the Matrix dodging bullets? Well, it is almost impossible for a normal human to dodge a bullet unless you are Neo. There are several reasons why we can’t dodge a bullet. Let’s look at them one by one. Bullet travels faster than cracking sound Whenever a bullet is fired, a cracking sound is generated and we can definitely hear that sound. But do you think we can dodge a bullet

Can anyone sing or is it a gift?

“Singing is a learning skill, not a gift. It can be easily mastered with strong will power, drive, passion, and regular practice.” Are you a beginner who wants to learn how to sing and want to make a career as a musician? Most of us believe that singing is a born gift but it’s not true. It is also true that certain people have a gifted sweet melodic voice. Just like other skills such as painting, more you practice more you will be moving towards being perfect. It is found that the musical environment is one of the factors