๐ŸŽฃ Does Fish Eat Corn? ๐ŸŒฝ

Yes, fish really love to eat corn. Corn is a popular and effective bait used by fishermen for several years. There is a misconception that corn is harmful to fish like trout and carp but it is not true. Several studies have proved that fish can eat and process corn easily. The use of corn as bait is legal in many states of the USA. However, the chumming of corn is still illegal in many states as it might cause damage to the water ecosystem.   Can you catch fish with corn? Do fish really like corn? Yes, you

๐Ÿฆˆ Do Fish Blink?

No, most of the fish cannot blink because they lack eyelids. The main role of eyelids in humans and other land animals is to keep the eyes (cornea) moist. However, fish actually donโ€™t need eyelids because their surrounding environment is water. As fish donโ€™t need and have eyelids, they canโ€™t blink their eyes. It is interesting to note that there are some sharks that have a transparent nictitating membrane which they can blink during feeding time to protect their eyes. Can fish blink? Have you ever observed the eyes of the fish? If yes, then you already know the

๐ŸŸ Can Fish See In The Dark?

No, fish cannot see in the dark. Similar to humans, fish also donโ€™t have the ability to see in the dark. However, some fish have better vision in low light compared to other aquatic animals. Many of them cannot use their eyes to see things in the dark. Therefore, they use their other senses such as taste, smell, hearing, and some special senses such as magnetoception to experience things around them. How do fish see in the dark? You must be wondering if fish cannot see in the dark, then how can fish sense animals nearby them. Well, you

๐Ÿ  Can Fish Drown?

Yes, it is possible that a fish can drown. The reason for drowning might be the suffocation caused due to low dissolved oxygen, the temperature of the water, overcrowding of living species, or the impurities present in the water. Well if you are wondering about the sinking of fish in the water, then the answer is no because the density of fish is similar to the water and they have the ability to regulate their average density to swim at different depths without spending much energy. What is drowning for fish? Well to answer this question we need to

๐ŸŸ How Do Fish Taste?

In the case of fish, taste buds are not limited to the tongue or the mouth area but they can be found on the other parts of their body. They have the ability to taste their food without actually swallowing it. Proper functioning of the taste buds require moisture and the fish is always surrounded by water all time. Therefore, their external skin is always moist and have taste buds on their body. The catfish has the highest number of taste buds (about 680,000) compared to other animals. Even humans have only 5,000 taste buds in their mouth.

โญ How Do Starfish Eat?

First, starfish will align the prey such as mussels to the center using their arms and tube feet. Now the starfish will start feeding by extending its cardiac stomach out of its mouth over the prey. This cardiac stomach will release digestive enzymes on the prey and then will start absorbing the prey’s body. The food gets partially digested externally and the cardiac stomach is drawn back into the body. The further digestion of food occurs in the second stomach i.e, pyloric. In this way, starfish eats its prey.

๐ŸฆˆDo Fish Have Tongues?

Yes, most of the fish do have tongues. Fish tongues are bony structures that are located on the floor of the mouth, also known as basihyal to protect the ventral aorta. The tongue of the fish does not look like a human’s muscular tongue and also does not have taste buds. Some species of fish have teeth on their tongue to hold and swallow the prey. Certain fish lose their tongue due to parasites such as Isopod, also known as tongue biters. What does a fish tongue look like? Yes, similar to amphibians, most of the fish have a

๐ŸฆˆDo fish have teeth?

Yes, almost all fish have teeth for capturing , crushing, and grinding their prey. Some fish teeth in their upper and lower jaws while some have in their throat. The location, number, and size of the teeth might vary for different species of fish depending on their food and surrounding conditions. Do all fish have teeth? Yes, most fish have teeth. It is very rare that fish donโ€™t have teeth. Almost all fish have teeth of different sizes, types, and at different locations. Most people donโ€™t believe that fish have teeth because their teeth are not easily visible. However,

๐ŸŸ Can a fish survive in milk?

No, fish cannot survive in milk. Fish cannot breathe properly in milk due to low dissolved oxygen and the presence of impurities in milk. Therefore, fish may drown in milk within a few minutes. Fish cannot survive if they are exposed to foreign environments such as milk, beer, vodka, or other liquids because their body is not evolved for an environment other than water. Even a freshwater fish cannot survive in salt water and vice versa. Have you ever wondered, can fish swim and survive in milk, coke, beer, or some other liquids other than water. Before we jump