🦆 Do Ducks Have Teeth? [Updated 2022]

No, ducks don’t have teeth similar to humans do. However, some of the ducks may have a bill (or beak) with sharp serrated edges. Ducks use serrated bills for catching and grasping slippery food items such as fish and vegetation. They also use them to filter water and food. These tiny bristles may look like teeth but they are not their true teeth.

Do ducks and geese have teeth?

Have you ever closely observed how ducks eat their food? If yes, then you might be wondering do ducks have teeth under their elongated beak.

Similar to most birds, ducks and geese also do not have teeth. They don’t chew food in their jaws as humans and other animals do. They have a unique bill structure that helps them to catch, grasp, kill and eat their food. Their bills are consist of upper and lower jaws with rows of sharp thin bristles. The upper and lower jaws of the duck’s bill may have sharp serrated edges. These bristles and serrated edges may look like tiny teeth but they are not teeth.

Duck use bill (beak) with tiny serrated edges for various purposes that includes

  • To hunt and catch their food
  • To grasp slippery foods
  • To carry food and other items
  • To fight and defend themselves
  • To dig and scratch
  • The comb-like structures help them to filter water and food items
Tiny bristles in upper and lower of jaws of a duck (Image credit: Keven Law)

How many teeth do ducks have?

Ducks have zero number of teeth because they don’t have teeth. Ducks have an elongated bill with hundreds of tiny sharp bristles in their upper and lower jaws. These bill structures cannot be considered teeth.

Do ducks have teeth on their tongue?

No, ducks don’t have teeth on their tongue. However, some species of ducks and geese may have a serrated tongue. Ducks and geese don’t chew their food inside their jaw. This serrated tongue helps to grasp and push the food inside to swallow it directly. Therefore, always keep in mind that the size of the duck’s food should be small enough to avoid choking. Small food items such as birdseed, insects, and fruits can be feed to ducks and geese. You can also offer them large food items chopped into smaller pieces.

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