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Dinosaur Quiz: Questions and Answers
Which of the following animals evolved before dinosaurs?
– Fishes and amphibians
Which of the following is the synonym of the word ‘dinosaur’?
– Deinosaur
Who first named the term dinosaur and when?
– Sir Richard Owen 1841
Which of the following is the meaning of the word ‘dinosaur’?
– Terrible lizard
What category of animals are dinosaurs?
– Reptiles
Which of the following dinosaurs is known as the “tank of the Mesozoic battlefield” as they were heavily armored?
– Ankylosaurus
During which geological time did dinosaurs flourish on earth?
– Mesozoic
In which part of the world can a real “Dinosaur Park” be observed?
– Red Deer River, Albert
Which movie was based on dinosaurs?
– Jurassic Park
Which of the following dinosaurs is considered as the largest carnivorous dinosaur and named as the “king of dinosaurs”?
– Tyrannosaurus
Which of the following dinosaurs is popular as the flying dinosaur?
– Pterosaurs
Which of the following is believed to be the oldest reptile on earth?
– Hylonomus
What type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team?
– Raptor (Velociraptor)

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