What Is The Difference Between Pigeons And Doves?

There is no real difference between pigeons and doves. In the pigeon family, there are about three hundred species. Some of these are larger and plumper than the others and have square tails – these are often called pigeons. Others are smaller, sleeker, and have pointed tails – these are usually called doves.

Of the many sorts of pigeons there are, you are probably familiar with at least one type depending on whether you live in the town or in the country. If you live in a town you probably know the feral pigeon only too well. These pigeons are descended from domesticated birds. They gather in enormous flocks in public places where people like to feed them. They usually make a nuisance of themselves by fouling pavements and building. If you live in the country you probably know the Wood Pigeon best. This pigeon is also considered a pest for it loves to feed on the farmer’s crops So that he has to wage continual war on it.

Feral Pigeon (Credit: Flickr, smudge9000)
Wood Pigeon (Credit: ebird, James Kennerley)

Pigeons and doves have adapted to various different habitats due to which they can be found almost everywhere except Sahara desert, Arctic, and Antarctica. Both pigeons and doves belong to the same taxonomic family called Columbidae. Out 344 species of the Columbidae family which are classified into 50 genera, 13 species are extinct.

Pigeons and doves share many similar features such as stout body, short necks, thin peaks, and primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and plants. There is no clear distinction between pigeon and dove. The rock pigeon is the most common bird from the pigeon and doves family, Columbidae.

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