🐟 Can a fish survive in milk?

No, fish cannot survive in milk. Fish cannot breathe properly in milk due to low dissolved oxygen and the presence of impurities in milk. Therefore, fish may drown in milk within a few minutes. Fish cannot survive if they are exposed to foreign environments such as milk, beer, vodka, or other liquids because their body is not evolved for an environment other than water. Even a freshwater fish cannot survive in salt water and vice versa. Have you ever wondered, can fish swim and survive in milk, coke, beer, or some other liquids other than water. Before we jump

Why Bullets Spin When Shot From A Rifle Or Handgun?

The spiral grooves (called barrel rifling) inside the barrel of a rifle or handgun cause the bullet to spin. On pulling the trigger, the primer gets hammered and a spark is generated. This small explosion ignites the gun powder and a lot of gas and high pressure are produced. The bullet is forced out due to high pressure and passes through the barrel having helical grooves. These spiral grooves, also known as barrel rifling exert torque and forces bullet to spin.

Are flowers asexual or sexual?

Flowering plants can reproduce both by sexual and asexual means of reproduction. Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of male and female gametes which takes place through pollination by birds, insects, and water. This pollination causes the fertilization and the female ovules grow into seeds. Asexual reproduction can take place naturally as well as artificially. The natural vegetative propagation involves runners, tubers, plantlets, bulbs, corms, suckers, and keikis for asexual reproduction while there are several artificial methods such as cutting, grafting, and layering for asexual vegetative propagation. Many plants have the ability to propagate through both sexual and asexual reproduction.

Parts of an Arrow

What are the parts of an arrow? Have you seen lord of the ring or Hercules? Whenever two armies in these movies attack on each other, there will be a team of archers on both side who will initiate the attack first. Arrows are long shafted projectiles that are launched using elastic launching device called bow. In ancient times, bow and arrows were mainly used for hunting and combats. Different kinds of arrows were used for different purposes. Have you ever wondered, what are the different parts of arrow and their functions? Arrow is consists of mainly four parts.

Why are fire trucks red?

Have you ever wondered why fire trucks are red? Whenever we think about fire trucks, the first thing that appears in our mind is a big truck with a red color. Something like this right Even kids also know the color of fire truck. But have you given a thought why fire trucks are red? There is no specific, universally accepted answer to this question but there are few theories about the red color of fire trucks. The first theory is related to the history of automobiles. In 1900, Ford was dominating the automobile manufacturing industry. Due to the

Is ammonia (NH3) an acid or a base

Is ammonia (NH3) an acid or a base? According to the Bronsted-Lowry theory and the Lewis theory, Ammonia (NH3) is a weak base A lot of time we get confused about whether ammonia (NH3) is an acid or base because according to the Arrhenius theory, acids are those substances that can produce hydrogen ions in aqueous solution while bases are those substances which can produce hydroxide ions in aqueous solution. We know that NH3 cannot produce hydroxide ions in gaseous state but it produces the same product as when the two substances were in solution. For example: NH3(aq) +

Why Aesop fables stories are so famous?

Why Aesop fables stories are so famous? Aesop fables stories and characters teach us values and morals During my childhood days, I loved to visit my grandparent’s house in holiday breaks because my grandparents used to tell me tales and stories by the fire on a cold night or on the terrace with a sky full of stars. Most of the stories were fable stories that had an animal character such as dog, rabbit, tortoise, donkey, lion, monkey, and many more. One of the most famous stories I can recall is ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ with the lesson

Do all living organisms belong to the same ancestor?

Do all living organisms belong to the same ancestor? According evidence discovered by scientists over many decades “All life on Earth comes from a single ancestor” Yes, you heard that right we all living organisms including human beings have a single common ancestor. This evidence is not from just one disciple, this discovery is supported by various disciples such as physiology and biochemistry, anatomy, paleontology, biogeography, speciation, mathematical modeling, selection, and coloration. This evidence is an important part of evolution theory and also demonstrates that evolution does occur that leads to the creation of biodiversity on earth. Let’s look

Are acids more dangerous than bases?

Are acids more dangerous than bases? “Strong bases or alkaline are more dangerous than strong acids“ Every day we use a large number of chemical substances such as lemon juice, black coffee, oven cleaners, dyes, drain cleaners, and many more. Some of these substances are edible while some are very harmful. Now the question that arises in our mind is that what makes these acids or bases harmful. In order to answer the above question, we first need to understand what are acids and bases. Acids are chemical substances that taste sour and change the blue litmus paper color

Is abacus really making arithmetic simple?

Most of us consider mathematics as boring and tough subject but for some students, it is very easy that they can score 100/100. Personally, also I found mathematics as a boring and tough subject and wanted to master mathematics easily. So I tried to found various learning tricks and methods to improve my math skills and later I found that mathematics is an easy subject as compared to literature and other subjects. The best way to master this subject is to learn different methods and practice questions as many as possible. Arithmetic is one of the most important branch