How much do you know about the Cat Family?

can you score 100/100 in this cat family quiz.

The mountain lion, or cougar, of the Americas, is also known as the:
– Puma
The term black panther is most frequently applied to
– Leopards and jaguars
Which “big cat” is the largest member of the cat family (Felidae)?
– Tiger
By the early 21st century, lions (Panthera leo) were limited to habitats in:
– Africa and India
A feline species called the fishing cat catches its food from marshes and swamps using this:
– Its webbed paws
A leopard often chooses this particular place to eat:
– Tree branches
The Malaysian clouded leopard is great at climbing trees — even upside down! — which is probably where it got its other name:
– The tree tiger
The sand cat lives in the deserts of Africa and Asia. It can go weeks without:
– water
which Egyptian Goddess was depicted with a cat head
– Bastet
When hunting, the margay, a small cat from Central and South America, imitates the call of which animal:
– A monkey

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