Can anyone sing or is it a gift?

“Singing is a learning skill, not a gift. It can be easily mastered with strong will power, drive, passion, and regular practice.”

Are you a beginner who wants to learn how to sing and want to make a career as a musician? Most of us believe that singing is a born gift but it’s not true. It is also true that certain people have a gifted sweet melodic voice. Just like other skills such as painting, more you practice more you will be moving towards being perfect.

It is found that the musical environment is one of the factors that can influence how well an individual can sing. Let’s say if someone is growing in a family where parents, brother or sister are practicing music, then it more likely that someone can sing well and confidently.

Let’s also understand about the science behind singing.

Most of us think that musicians sing using their voice box also known as larynx but in reality, many parts such as abdominal, back muscles, rib cage, and lungs are required to speak and sing. As we create sound, air from lungs passes through vocal cords located inside the larynx. These vocal cords open and close while we sing. The air pressure builds up against them is responsible for creating a sound. The quicker the cords open and close, the higher pitch will be. This sound created by the vocal cord is amplified by the pharynx.


The sound is not produced due to the vibrations of vocal cords but the change in pressure caused by the small jets of air passing through these vibrating vocal cords

The tongue, palate, oral cavity, nasal cavity, sinus cavity, chest cavity, pharynx, and other structures act as resonators that are responsible for the quality of sound. For singers, resonators are important to create good music.

So now we know that everyone can produce sound and the quality of sound will depend on resonators. In order to master singing, we have to learn the control and coordination of different parts involved in singing. We also know that sources of air while singing are lungs. Therefore it is important to learn how to control breathing so that it will help us to create different pressure changes across the vocal cords to generate different types of sounds. For singers, it is important to have good vocal health, proper coordination, and breathe management to become successful. These things can’t be mastered in one night. It requires passion, drive, practice, determination, and many more to become a good singer.

Many people also ask how long does it take to learn to sing. Let’s imagine you want to learn football. Now ask the same question how much time will it take me to learn football and to become a professional football player like Messi or Ronaldo. Have you heard the famous quote from Lionel Messi

“It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success”

Similar to football, singing is lifelong learning. It requires patience and dedicated practice to become a good singer.

Okay so are you ready for singing competition?


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