8 Best Beaches Near Kuala Lumpur That Are Worth A Visit [Updated 2022]

Clear waters, kaleidoscopic coral reefs, soft sands, and blushing horizons – the beaches in Malaysia are calm and peaceful with inviting views to boot.

Kuala Lumpur, or KL, as it’s popularly referred to, is the urban, landlocked capital of Malaysia on the Eastern coast. It’s a tourist hub but does not have a lot of beaches in very close proximity. However, if you’re willing to explore scenic routes to get to some picturesque coastlines, this list will come in handy.

Take a beach holiday from KL to any of these sandy beaches for a shoreside look at this charming destination. Whether you like exploring the sea or just relaxing by it, driving down to these beaches is a good bet.

Best Beaches Near Kuala Lumpur

1. Morib Beach, Banting

If all you need is some downtime with the sea at arm’s length and sand on your toes, Morib Beach in Banting, Selangor is the ideal spot. A quiet beach home to a lot of scuttling crabs, it is not very populated on weekdays. There are small eateries along the stretch, and kite flying and rollerblading are available for kids.

How To Get There: Morib beach is a 75-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

2. Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang

An extension of Morib beach in the Sepang district, Bagan Lalang is an ideal swimming spot. The gentle tide is enjoyed by children and adults alike, and picnics on the sand are a common sight. There are a few seafood joints surrounding the beach, and also the Bagan Lalang food court.

How To Get There: Bagan Lalang beach is a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

3. Cahaya Negeri Beach, Port Dickson

Cutaway from the urban humdrum with a day-long trip to Port Dickson, a small seaside town with a few beaches. Although it isn’t as commercialized as KL, Port Dickson has numerous beachside resorts and water activities, packaged in untouched natural beauty. It’s also a getaway destination for many of the locals in KL.

How To Get There: Since the coastal town is situated only 60km from KL, the best way to get there is by road. Car is the most preferred option, and it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Port Dickson. If you must rely on public transport, make your way to the Seremban terminal, and then take a bus to Port Dickson. The journey takes about an hour.

Visit the Cahaya Negeri beach, considered to be the most beautiful in the area, and relax by its serene shoreline. The area is calm and peaceful, with blue waters and dazzling white sand. The long stretch has basic public facilities and a number of hotels and resorts that offer good accommodation.

How To Get There: Cahaya Negeri beach is about a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

4. Teluk Kemang Beach, Port Dickson

You’ll find yourself amid beachside buzz at Teluk Kemang beach, Port Dickson’s most popular, largest, and most crowded beach locale. Watersports, street shops, accommodations, and eateries are aplenty here. You may not be able to find a secluded spot for yourself on weekends, but the panoramic view can make the trip still worth it.

How To Get There: Teluk Kemang beach is about a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

5. Saujana Beach, Port Dickson

Saujana Beach is synonymous with picnics and sunsets. You’ll often find families with young children setting up campsites by the sea, as the tide is quite gentle here. This also makes it a good spot for watersports like canoeing, jet-skiing and banana boat riding. We recommend long strolls along the stretch as the sun sets for a memorable evening.

How To Get There: Saujana beach is about a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

6. Tanjung Tuan Beach, Port Dickson

Find yourself amid a rainforest-like atmosphere at Tanjung Tuan beach, which showcases a combination of nature’s best. Nature lovers can enjoy a hike through the adjoining dense forest, and explore the tiny, hidden stretches of sand that open up along the pathway. At the end of the path is the Cape Rachado Lighthouse, where you can get a complete view of the beach.

Owing to the natural landscape that surrounds it, Tanjung Tuan is a wildlife reserve center and is largely untouched. Keep an eye out for exotic flora and fauna along your walk, as well as different species of animals and birds. This beach is great for an activity-driven day, with some healthy rejuvenation after.

How To Get There: Tanjung Tuan beach is about a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

7. Blue Lagoon Beach, Port Dickson

If you’re on the trail from Tanjung Tuan beach, you’ll find yourself at Blue Lagoon beach after crossing the lighthouse. The isolated beach is usually devoid of tourists; you’re more likely to spot wildlife from the Tanjung Tuan reserve enjoying the tranquility. The water is still and shallow and the tide low, so you can easily wade in the waters on a hot day.

Quick Tip: Several small, secluded beaches will reveal themselves while you’re on your trail, so you can stop and enjoy the views from any one of them. Pulau Intan is especially striking for its mangroves.

How To Get There: Blue Lagoon beach is about a 90-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

8. Puteri Beach, Malacca

If you’re willing to drive a little further than Port Dickson, Puteri Beach is a clean and quiet refuge in the Malacca province. A short, self-sufficient stretch of clean sand, this beach is perfect for those looking to steal away some time for themselves. Watersports, beach resorts, eateries, and picnic spots – there’s a little bit of everything here.

How To Get There: Puteri beach is about a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

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