🐡💨 Do Fish Fart?

Yes, some fish such as herring and sand tiger sharks fart. In the case of Herring fish, bubble expulsion along with the high-pitched sound can be observed from the anal duct region (i.e. from the gut or swim bladder). They use fart sound to communicate with each other at night. Among sharks, sand tiger sharks fart to deflate their swim bladder to adjust depth in the ocean. Do Fish Ever Fart? We know that humans fart because of gas buildup in the body. The reason for gas buildup can be swallowed air or the gas produced in the stomach

🍣 Do Fish Have Blood?

Yes, fish have blood and it is red in color. This red color is due to the presence of a red pigment called hemoglobin. However, note that some fish such as Antarctica icefish have colorless blood because they lack oxygen-carrying red blood cells in their blood. Fish have a single closed loop circulation system which is consists of a heart, gill capillaries, and body capillaries. Do fish have blood in their bodies? Have you ever seen fish blood? Yes, fish have red-colored blood similar to the blood of the humans. Normally, we don’t see blood in the fish meat

🐡💕 How Do Fish Mate?

Most of the fish reproduce sexually via oviparity. In this mode of reproduction, the female reproductive cells (egg cells) receive the milt (sperm) from the male fish and it gets fertilized inside the female fish body. Then, the female fish releases the zygote into the bubble nest created by the male fish in the water. Some parent fish guard these nest until the eggs hatch. How do fish reproduce? We know that all living organisms reproduce. Reproduction is not essential for the survival of fish but it is important to ensure that their species don’t extinct. Fish can procreate

🐠 Can Fish Die If The Water Is Too Warm?

Yes, fish can die if the water is too warm. Warm water not only reduces the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) but it also increases the metabolism of fish which requires more oxygen. Inappropriate temperature can cause stress to fish, sometimes fish might even die. Therefore it is necessary to maintain an optimal temperature in the fish tank. However, note that the optimal temperature of the surrounding water varies with different species of fish. Tropical fish in general need warmer conditions to thrive and live comfortably. Every living organism needs basic things such as food, oxygen, and water to

🐡 Do Fish Drink Water?

Yes, all fish drink water. Some fish drink more water compared to other fish depending on their surrounding environment. The main reason fish drink water is to extract dissolved oxygen which is essential for their survival. Apart from getting oxygen, some fish have to drink to keep their internal body state balanced with external conditions. Fish mainly get needed water through their mouth and by absorbing through gills and skin by osmosis. Saltwater fish have to drink frequently and more water to stay hydrated while freshwater fish have to urinate more often to lose water. Some fish such as

👃🏻 Can Fish Smell?

Yes, fish can smell. Fish have two tiny openings called nares, one acts as an inlet and the other as an outlet for the water. As water passes through these nares, it comes in contact with olfactory organs that detect the smell. The sense of smell in the fish helps them to find food, avoid attacks by predators, locate mates for reproduction, and navigate in the water. Hence, fish living in dark places rely heavily on their olfactory sense to survive. Do fish smell? Have you ever wondered, can fish smell underwater? In humans, the nose has primary two

🐳 Do Fish Pee?

Yes, fish do pee. Urination in fish helps to remove the undesired soluble substances and excess water from the body. It not only helps them to regulate their internal environment (homeostasis) but it also provides nutrients to corals and other aquatic animals. Can fish pee? Have you ever wondered can fish urinate as human do? Yes, fish can pee as well as poop. Similar to humans, fish too have kidneys that produce urine. You will be surprised to know that the pee (urine) of fish is very important for other aquatic living such as corals. The frequency of peeing

🐠 What Do Fish Eat?

Fish eat a wide range of food from microscopic algae to large fish depending on their environment and diet. Herbivorous fish such as parrotfish feed on micro and macroalgae, and various terrestrial plants such as seagrasses. Carnivorous fish such as sharks and tuna eat small fishes and aquatic animals such as earthworms, sludge worms, brine shrimp, and snails. In an aquarium, fish can be feed with various food available in the form of dry, fried, frozen, and live food. What can fish eat? Fish can eat a lot of different variety of food depending on their type of diet

🎣 Does Fish Eat Corn? 🌽

Yes, fish really love to eat corn. Corn is a popular and effective bait used by fishermen for several years. There is a misconception that corn is harmful to fish like trout and carp but it is not true. Several studies have proved that fish can eat and process corn easily. The use of corn as bait is legal in many states of the USA. However, the chumming of corn is still illegal in many states as it might cause damage to the water ecosystem.   Can you catch fish with corn? Do fish really like corn? Yes, you

🦈 Do Fish Blink?

No, most of the fish cannot blink because they lack eyelids. The main role of eyelids in humans and other land animals is to keep the eyes (cornea) moist. However, fish actually don’t need eyelids because their surrounding environment is water. As fish don’t need and have eyelids, they can’t blink their eyes. It is interesting to note that there are some sharks that have a transparent nictitating membrane which they can blink during feeding time to protect their eyes. Can fish blink? Have you ever observed the eyes of the fish? If yes, then you already know the