Can you Score 100/100 on Animal Quiz?

Which animal keeps growing till the death?
– Lobsters
Which animal has the highest blood pressure?
– Giraffe
A group of Deer is known as
– Herd
Name the smallest mammal by mass on the earth?
– Etruscan shrew
Three percent of the ice in the Antarctic Ocean is the urine of which animal
– Penguins
Which mammal can truly fly?
– Bat
Which Birds only drinks rainwater?
– Jacobin cuckoo
Honey Bees has how many eyes?
– Five
Which cute animal eats sugarcane?
– Giant Pandas
Which bird cannot walk?
– Grebe

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Professor Atom is a science enthusiast and alumni of IIT Bombay. According to him, every question can be solved with curiosity and mind mapping. ( Curiosity = Asking Questions = Learning )

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