14 Amazing facts about Tokyo City Japan

 Do you know Tokyo was formerly known as “Edo”? In 1890 the name “Edo” was changed to “Tokyo”.

Tokyo is the city of vending machines. Vending machines can be found almost every 12 meters and they consume about 3 % of japan’s total power consumption.

Shinjuku station in Tokyo city is the largest and busiest railway station in the world having nearly an average of 3.70 million passengers daily visiting it.

In the Shiba-Koen district of Minato Ward, there is a communications and observation tower called Tokyo Tower which gets painted manually every 5 years using almost 7500 gallons of different colors over a span of almost one year

At Shinjuku station, during peak hours, there is so much rush that Oshiya or ‘the Pushers’ are hired to literally push the millions of passengers aboard the train system so that trains can travel at the time. Earlier they were also known as “passenger arrangement staff”.

Tokyo is one of the best shopping destinations for foreign tourists because they can do tax-free shopping at licensed stores while making purchases of over 5000 yen.

Shibuya crossing is the busiest crossing in the world where 2500 people can be seen crossing the street at the same time. This spectacle can be compared to watching marbles being spilled out of a box.

Tokyo Disneyland was Disney’s first park outside the US employing over 20,000 people.

Do you know Tokyo is famous for a ton of haunted locations. Kiyotaki Tunnel in Kyoto is one of the well-known hotspots for paranormal activity. It is believed that this tunnel was built under horrifically inhumane conditions with ‘slaves’, and corpses are still buried within the walls.

It is a fascinating fact that Tokyo has more neon signs than any other city in the world.

Do you know Mt. Fuji is within viewing distance from the Tokyo city, but it is only visible for about 80 days throughout the year.

In Tokyo, you need to compulsorily learn basic Japanese language even to order goods or services, booking a cinema ticket or arrange medical treatments.

In 2017, Tokyo was regarded as ‘Capital of Gastronomy’ in the world. Restaurants in Tokyo have acquired more Michelin stars than Paris.

The largest paper store in Japan is Itoya which is a 12-story paper store where each floor offers a different category of products. The 12th floor is a cafe where they serve salad grown from indoor organic farm present at the level just right below.

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