16 Amazing facts about rocks

 Do you know the scientific study of rocks is known as Petrology?

The world’s largest limestone quarry is situated near Rogers city in Michigan which is operated by Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company.

Do you know there is some granite found in Australia which is believed to be more than four billion years old?

Do you know an ancient scale called Mohs scale which was set up in 1812 is still used by the geologist to measure the hardness of a rock?

In the middle ages, Cinnabar, the powder of a mineral rock was widely used as red color in religious art.

Do you know the rocks that fall on earth from space are called meteorites?

Do you know the shooting star you see in the night sky is actually a bit of space rock entering our earth’s atmosphere?

About 65% volume of the Earth’s crust is consists of igneous rocks.

Do you know most of the fossils are found in sedimentary rocks because the temperature and pressure at which they form do not destroy fossil remains?

About 10% of all sedimentary rocks on the Earth are present in the form of limestones.

Landscape Arch is the longest natural rock arch located in Arches National Park in Utah, United States.

Horseshoe Bend, a naturally formed marvelous architecture carved down by Colorado river about 200 million years ago due to the natural process of weathering over large sand dunes giving magnificent natural scenarios to areas near Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The most photographed slot canyon in the world is Antelope Canyon, located in Arizona, United States.

On January 25, 1905, the largest 3,106-carat diamond, weighing 1.33 pounds was found at Premier Mine located in Pretoria, South Africa.

Diamonds from the sky also known as carbonado Diamonds which are masses of microcrystalline diamonds arranged in various crystallographic orientations having physical properties of opaque, gray to black color, and porous spacing.

Do you know Carbonado diamonds are products of an asteroid impact and mostly found in these two countries: Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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